Professional Studies Programs

You may be considering new career options, looking for advancement in your job, or thinking about finally starting—or finishing—your college degree. At Rivier University, it’s all within reach.

Flexible Learning, Tailored to You

Whatever your individual learning style, Rivier has an academic environment that will meet your needs. Our professors recognize the wealth of life experiences and knowledge you bring to the classroom and will challenge you to draw on those experiences to meet your personal goals.

You’ll find yourself in a learning environment where your viewpoint is respected, where you’ll learn from other students in the classroom as well as from your professors, and where you are encouraged to think beyond the textbook. Assignments are value-oriented, linking your experience and knowledge to your program of study.

We have many flexible academic options to accommodate your interests and schedule. You can choose from programs in education, nursing, business, and more. Classes are available online and on-campus during the evening.

Faculty and Advisors Dedicated to Your Success

Our academic advisors will guide you through your academic journey. Whether you need help choosing a program of study, course selection or you are weighing your professional goal options, our advisors are here to support you in any way that you need.

Our faculty are not only distinguished scholars, but experienced and caring teachers dedicated to creating a supportive and personalized learning environment.

Extensive Support Services

A successful college experience is more than what takes place in the classroom. It includes extensive support services in writing, research, career assessment, and computing. Rivier offers that extra help with many on-site services for professional students.

• The Academic Support Center is staffed by experienced writers and editors ready to help you organize, write, or revise your research papers and assignments. Take advantage of drop-in tutoring hours or classes in grammar and study skills.

• Our Academic Computer Center offers a large local area network of high-speed Pentium workstations and on-site assistants who will readily help you with any computing needs or questions.

• The Regina Library and Cho Educational Resource Center give you easy access to many holdings and extensive online databases, as well as to experienced staff who will guide you through the research process.

• The Office of Career and Life Success will help you assess your aptitude, interests, and career opportunities and assist with resume writing, interviewing, and job placement. The Center offers individual counseling, workshops, and computerized career guidance.

Alternative Options for Earning Credit

In addition to transfer credits and completed coursework, we offer several options for earning credits:

• The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides you with the opportunity to earn college credits by successfully testing your knowledge in select subject areas.

• The Credit for Prior Learning Program and Class allow you to demonstrate your proficiency and earn credit by creating a portfolio for review and attending a one-credit class.

Child Development Associate Credentials offer the option of earning credit for previous training, coursework, and experience in early childhood education.

• The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or DANTES program gives military students or veterans an opportunity to receive credit for coursework, training, and experiences while serving in the armed forces.

Challenge Exams are offered once each semester for students who would like to test their knowledge in specific Rivier courses and earn credit without completing the required coursework.


Rivier University does not discriminate in its application process. Read our non-discrimination policy.